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                  The Master of Software Engineering Program (MSWE) is an advanced 15-month professional degree program designed to train software engineers coming from a variety of backgrounds. The program prepares students to work in the booming software industry in California and beyond.

                  The program accepts applicants with undergraduate degrees in any major. The main requirement for this program is to have prior knowledge in two programming languages. Prospective students can acquire this knowledge either by self-learning or by being exposed to programming courses in their undergraduate degrees.



                  PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS

                  Some highlights of the program include:

                  • A first quarter intensive experience designed to solidify and broaden students’ knowledge of the computing landscape through programming
                  • A set of six courses covering the fundamental technical knowledge in software engineering
                  • Two courses dedicated to professional development in the software industry
                  • A summer internship
                  • A capstone project designed to enhance students’ professional portfolio

                  WHY MSWE?​

                  MSWE is the ideal program for the following prospective students:

                  1. Majors in Computer Science, Information Systems, or Informatics who benefit from an intensive programming and software development experience before launching their professional careers
                  2. Majors in Science, Engineering, Arts, Humanities, and other areas who have dabbled in programming, and want to branch out into software engineering careers
                  3. Working professionals in Information Systems careers who want to switch into more technical positions
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